Whether you are working at a larger or smaller scale or you are working as a freelancer, having a business card is a must.

A professionally designed business card brings exposure to what you do and what you offer. Even in this digital age, they still matter especially if you are dealing with different types of clients. In addition, a business card is the first tangible way to communicate and promote your brand with the world.

Make your business card stand out by trying one of these cool business card ideas;

Change Shape And Size

One way to make your business card unique is changing its shape and size. You can do a square business card, a skinny one, with rounded corners or you can do business cards in any shape you desire. Moreover, handing a uniquely shaped card to your targeted customers would encourage them to show it to their friends and colleagues.

Choose Your Paper

We can print business cards on any materials. You can choose metallic paper, plastic cards, frosted or clear, coated papers or uncoated papers. How your business card feels can make people look at it a second time and check your business more deeply.

Choose A Scheme

Depending on how your business card would represent your brand, you can choose different business card schemes like rustic, energetic, sophisticated, antique, bright, bold, retro, luxurious or printed with patterns.

Add Effects

Adding effects such as embossing and debossing your business card makes it stand out and adds a texture and special character to the card. You can foil stamp your cards, include a spot gloss in a pattern or paint the edges.

Pop It Out

Want to create impressive and creative experiences for your clients or customers? Give them 3D business cards with pop-out or glow in the dark effects. This design is a great example of a modern business card that can make a killer first impression.