Gone are the days when business cards look formal. Breaking the tradition, creatively designed cards today are not only clever but also memorable. Still, the look has something to do with the brand voice or personality as it while highly catching attention than your good ‘ol card.

To give you an idea in designing your business card, here are the kinds of unconventional cards that will make you look and think twice (or thrice) ready to be given away on your next trade fair and networking events.


Laser Printing Incorporated has already claimed the number one spotin Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that they are the best when it comes to print solution service.

Using their own service, probably they printed the cards themselves, don’t they?


Have you seen the LEGO man mini figure-shaped business card? Consumers would definitely keep these in their wallets…errr, work station or better, collect more of them.

Ain’t these cute collectibles?


Something that empowers the sense of touch is amusing, even with the consumers’ eyes closed. Look at the The Farm in Door County business card as an example and feel as if you are touching a sheep.

Here’s a blindfold. Let’s play the guessing game?


Before the card gets consumed, make sure that your consumers have already taken note of your contact information. One example of an indulgent business card is that of the Bombay Bakery.

Are you having a business card for an afternoon break in the office? Seriously?

Accessible online

Just like Space oasis, make your card have a minimalist design by adding a QR code. It is a sure fire way to increase your online presence by just scanning the QR code found on your card.



Create something that would not be disposed because of its functional quality. Comes in a protective sleeve, the Bon Vivant business card can be used as cheese grater.

Want some extra cheese?