In networking, business cards have always been a staple towards making your brand (company or personal) be easily reached. As one of the essential marketing collaterals containing the necessary information, this card lets one get an overview of what the brand identity is.

The thing is that even when a person giving the business card is well-dressed, it could jeopardize his professional image with just one wrong move in presenting the card. Before handing your card over to another person, here is a list of business card etiquette that you need to remember:

  • Bringing of business cards

Do not forget to bring your cards before you leave the house or office.

  • Quantity of business cards

Have an enough supply of cards with you so you will not be sorry for not being able to provide such.

  • Business card information accuracy

Ensure that the information found on your card is updated and correct.

  • Business card protection

Keep your cards something that will protect them from wear and tear such as business case.

  • Placing of business cards

Whether it is in your pocket or your wallet, know where you have exactly put your business card.

  • Presenting the business card

Give the business card only when the person asks for it as this will test how interested he/she is about your product and/or service.

  • Right time of presenting the business card

Cards should be given towards the end of a conversation and not at the beginning.

  • Exchanging of business cards

Keep in mind to hand the card over facing the recipient, showing the information on your card to be able to be read even without turning.

  • Business card feedback

Whenever you are given a business card, always make a comment about it—the design, the logo, business name and some useful information found on the card upon receipt.

  • Business card data translation

In caseyou are traveling abroad for business, it is best to have one side of your card with the translated information of the language.

Following this rule prevents you from ambushing someone you don’t know and handing out your card like a flyer to a free concert. Younger, more junior professionals can certainly ask to exchange cards with someone more senior but only if you have the right hook – did you get introduced and then started a work-related conversation (commenting on a trend in the industry, their last speech, or the like)? Then (politely) go for it. Or did you just walk up to the VIP at a work conference, say “hi” and ask for their card? If so, then the answer is no. Don’t be that person. They will likely hand their card over, but you’ll look a bit boorish and they will likely never take your call. Follow these five simple tips, build your personal professional brand and soon others will be asking for your business card.

Know where your business cards are at all times. The person who has to go through every jacket and pants pocket or every nook and cranny of a briefcase to find those business cards loses credibility immediately. Keep your cards in a business card case or in something that protects them from wear and tear. A crumpled business card makes a poor first impression.

Always make a comment about a card when you receive it. Note the logo, the business name or some other piece of information. This places value on the card.